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Cronos POS is a public, open-source and permissionless blockchain - a fully decentralized network with high speed and low fees, designed to be a public good that helps drive mass adoption of blockchain technology through use cases like Payments and NFTs.

Cronos POS is a top 3 proof-of-stake blockchain network of the Cosmos ecosystem, when measured by total value staked. It is extremely low cost, with transaction fees around 0.00001 US$, making it ideal for peer to peer payments and high volume NFT collections. Its native token, $CRO, is a top 2 cryptocurrency among protocol tokens of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cronos POS is used by world-class ecosystem partners like Crypto.com, Ledger, Coinbase and Alchemy, and 100 active validators with a multi-year track record of reliably supporting proof-of-stake networks.

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